Sluggin Strawberries at Gizdich Ranch

A bunch of us woke up early to pick strawberries at Gizdich Ranch! Anyone can pick a good strawberry at a legit strawberry farm so we decided we would have a competition as to who could find the ugliest strawberry. We looked everywhere. Ashton's strawberry a.k.a "The Green Nosed Monster" won by a landslide. 

We did however find some very nice strawberries. The ones that didn't get  eaten made it into our baskets.

We had a little picnic at the benches and pretended to be farmers. Kevin looks very unhappy to be the little boy in the red shirt.

We left to go hiking, but the price on the avocados got us. Kevin and Ashton seem slightly more excited about the avocados than Joey. Those avocados eventually led to a home-made guacamole showdown. Jury is still out on that one. Illegal amounts of bacon were used in the recipes..

We finally made it to the Forest of the Nisene Marks State Park! We did devotions through Psalm 121 and were reminded of God's careful watchfulness over each of us and we got to hiking. See if you can spot the tree they call "The Advocate" :D

It's apple season - Let's go again!