Klesis Prayer Project

We want to commit the rest of our summer praying for our campus! Our goal is to set aside 15 minutes of prayer every week to pray for ourselves and for the UC Santa Cruz campus as we prepare for the upcoming fall quarter. It's a big campus and what better way to encourage one another than to see how much our campus is bathed in prayer through this map!

Map it out!

Our hope is to see this map filled with prayer markers! Here's how you drop your prayer mark on this map:

  1. Click on the upper right corner that looks like a rectangle that says 'View larger map'

  2. Then click on the top right corner that says 'EDIT'

  3. Hit the balloon looking icon that says 'Add marker'

  4. Drop the marker where you prayed! Add your name and your prayer/verse for that day. For those of you not in SC, drop a marker where you want to pray for so that you can still participate and drop a marker after your prayed :)

Not sure how to pray? Download the prayer guide here.